Komoé Hair Care Brand

About Us

Komoé is not only the name of our brand but it's the name of a 466-mile river in West Africa.
The Komoé River originates in Burkina Faso and forms a short section of the border between Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. It flows southward Ivory Coast to empty its estuary on the Gulf of Guinea.
The Komoé river is the major source of irrigation across the savannah in northern Ivory Coast.
Our 'Active Repair' new range of products will repair, nourish and strengthen damaged hair in the same way that the Komoé river protects the savannah.

Our philosophy

We are expert in curly and frizzy hair care products.

In almost all ancient civilizations, hair symbolizes privacy, seduction, and humility. Hair is a reflection of your true self-esteem and we believe that it symbolizes beauty and feminity. By strengthening your hair with Komoé hair care products you radiate joy

Our approach

Nature offers a wide variety of plants with scientifically proven virtues.

Komoé hair care products contains natural botanicals and fruit extracts from the vegetative richness of Africa. Our efficiency-proven range of hair care products will protect, repair and rehydrate your hair with an exotic fragrance.

Our French savoir-faire

Komoé hair care products are manufactured in France in a fully licensed and registered cosmetic laboratory.
All our products are in compliance with the European standards and guidelines and quality control tests are undertaken throughout the manufacturing process from inception to conception.

Komoé hair care products are elaborated with a unique Paraben free formula and are a botanical extracts.